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Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and website resources these days to help you find safe, practical and value for money accommodation. How you travel and spend your dollars is totally up to you, but we all need a place to sleep at night and we may as well get the best accommodation deal as possible. The style in which we personally travel has evolved from solo travel, to traveling as a couple, to now being a family of four.

So our accommodation preferences have changed as well.

They offer several benefits:. If you are on an extended trip around the world, consider spending more of your time in countries and regions where your money travels further, and when visiting the expensive countries lower your accommodation standards. Click here to Automate your travel planning now!

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Think location There is no point finding cheap hotel accommodation if it is miles out of town and you have to pay extra in transportation costs. Stay in a central area close to public transport, airports, local attractions, food outlets, the beach, the park, and the ability to get out and walk to most things. Many accommodation providers offer their best deals when you stay more than one night.

How To Get Cheap Hotel Deals

Especially in the off-season. Many hotels receive Friday and Saturday night accommodation bookings from leisure travelers and Monday to Friday bookings from their business travelers, so there can be a void on Sunday nights meaning possible cheap accommodation.. In certain locations like Las Vegas , avoiding the peak Friday and Saturday night periods is a strategic way to find cheap hotel accommodation — so avoid the big cities over a weekend if possible.

One of the obvious tips on how to find cheap accommodation is by traveling in the shoulder season, that time period between the peak and off-peak season. This is also the best way to save money on flights and car rental. This is one of our best travel tips on how to save money — especially for families or small groups.

Apartments and rental homes like on Airbnb are a great way to cut costs. They are usually cheaper and more practical than a hotel. My parents visited us often on our trip around Australia and we stayed in apartments with three bedrooms which reduced our per-night rates and was much cheaper than two separate hotel rooms, especially considering we had a full kitchen to self-cater on meals.

Hostels in major cities are located close to public transport and tourist sites. A private or family room is typically cheaper than a hotel room and they generally have cheap and free services such as wi-fi, a laundry, luggage storage, fully-equipped kitchen facilities, and local tours. But read the hotel reviews. Like all accommodation types, some properties are better than others!

Book accommodation in advance at the best rate you can find online, then keep an eye on prices to see if you can get a better deal at another property, or even at the same hotel. And their book now, pay later at check-in system allows you to lock in that rate with some flexibility. Again location is key when choosing where to stay, so make sure you have access to local cafes and restaurants. When staying in a major city it will almost always be cheaper to walk to a nearby cafe or restaurant than dining in the hotel, unless you get free breakfast as part of your booking.

If you do eat in, does the hotel have a restaurant with reasonable prices? Does it have a kids menu?

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Does it have room service? Does it cater to your dietary needs? Does your hotel have free WiFi, free airport shuttle, free breakfast, free cable TV, laundry facilities, a pool, BBQ areas, private rooms with en-suites, a tour booking desk, hour reception? Is there a fridge, microwave, coffee machine?

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This is great for families storing milk, juice, and yogurts and other kids breakfast items to have on hand first thing in the morning. Who are you traveling with? Can you share beds to cut costs per head? For our family of four, we require two double beds, or a queen and two singles.

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