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Jessica , well im gonna tried this week food fair… right now they r accepting doubling and tripleing but go to their website for more info…. May 14, at pm.

This is How to Get Started Couponing in Canada like a Pro ::

I did it and bought 4. May 5, at am. Kaye , No. May 4, at pm. Where can you receive all the coupons? Ive heard the Sunday paper…but what are other sources?

Where To Find Coupons

Kay , if you go to krazycouponlady. I am sure she has some links on here as well but I am just starting to get familiar with this site myself. Does anyone know what are the best stores to go to in California and what stores double?? I hope I figure this out.. Some also only do it on certain days of the week or month. May 2, at pm. Do you know what stores double here?

April 27, at pm. Thats a great deal. Doubling coupons is rare these days. Call and ask.

Did you get it?

Today I had a Manufacter coupon for colgate 1. So I got it free. Also BIC razers 3. So just look for the deals. Happy hunting. April 20, at pm. Anyway, I wonder what kind of savings I should expect from what I am currently doing. I am a generic shopper to the core. April 29, at pm. Marsha , Depending on how good the sale is, you may or may not be able to get the brand name cheaper than generic. April 14, at pm. I never have any stores here offer doubling. It seems to all around me too far for me to go but never here.

I think if a store offers doubling in one area they should provide it for all of their stores. April 7, at am. You are amazing for this site. But I am wondering where on my ad for krogers will it say if the coupons double? I am looking online at the weekly krogers ad for my area code. Thank you. April 6, at pm.

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My local store price chopper states that they doubles coupons. If I bring in a manufactured coupon and a store coupon are they both doubled. JenM , No, using a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item is stacking. March 24, at am. I was wondering, can a soupon from the sunday paper, and a printable coupon be combined on the same item? March 16, at pm. I am still a little confused.

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If I take in my coupon do I ask the cashier to double it when I hand it to them? Is that how this works? Jessica , No, if your store doubles then it will automatically double. You should see on the screen that an extra discount comes off after your coupon is scanned.

Couponing 101: Canadian Coupon Policies

March 8, at am. March 2, at am. March 3, at pm.

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February 21, at am. Hi, I would love to start couponing but is this double coupon availale in canada and the shopping card??? February 22, at pm. I have no idea if Canada has similar promotions. January 29, at am. January 29, at pm. Amanda , No, you can only use ONE coupon per item. June 19, at pm. Stephanie , Not always the case.

Ive done this a few times and did it the other day and got away with it. October 19, at pm. Sara Be an honest couponer, please! November 18, at pm. For example Similac formula- costs 7. I have used all three coupons and specifically asked because I did not want to cheat the system. I was told by store manager at HEB as long as they were different, it was fine. January 11, at pm. Sara, Really and your proud of that?!? March 1, at am. This applies to BOGOs as well. I know this works at Target for sure. To me, stacking coupons in this way is similar to buying things on sale or clearance with coupons.

May 25, at am. Amanda , you can use a manufacture coupon with a store coupon. January 27, at pm. Okay the 5 means it will double automatically. What do the rest of the numbers in the bar code on the coupon mean? If not why? If not, then why? Is this another ploy the stores play so you will shop at their store! I know my walmart will give you the money back too where Target will no honor any money the coupon goes over. November 25, at pm. Double check policy on doublers. Walmart corporate has changed the way they handle them.

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The thing to remember is that the stores get reimbursed for the amt of coupon used so the extra 3cents can be applied to the rest of the bill. Not all stores can or are able to apply the overage to the rest of the bill. To complete thought on last post…. January 11, at am.

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Thanks for all the advise! Yuna , Doubling happens automatically if your store offers it. Please call your stores to verify if they actually Do double the coupons.