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I'm assuming you're referring to the lack of simple "spend mana to draw card" effects, hope I'm interpreting correctly! Yeah I'd call it intentional.

Card flow is something we wanna keep an eye on, since it can have a big impact on pacing, variance, and complexity. That said, it's also a fun and satisfying mechanic, so we wanna look for ways to deliver it. By giving different regions unique ways to access card draw, we can deliver that satisfaction to many decks without saturating the overall environment with card flow we've seen that in playtests at times and it's not pretty haha.

I think it's also a good design strategy for future cards. Since most decks are happy to draw cards at most points in the game, it's a pretty compelling output to put on a card to reward gameplay patterns. The more specialized we keep card draw, the more functional those reward cards will be. In your progression post, you say that you want to slow down the meta solving, but after 2 days it seems like the select few streamers and playtesters have already figured it out. Is there more coming that we should be aware of?

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How frequently and aggressively will you likely be addressing balance? LoL has a break-neck patch and balance schedule compared to digital card games I've played, let alone physical card games that are loathe to errata, restrict or ban cards. I saw that drafting will be a thing in the future. Will we actually be drafting with a pod of players or will it be an approximated system? If approximated by bots, then how would that avoid becoming easily exploited like it is in MtG:O? Also, will we keep the cards we draft?

Are there any plans for a sealed format, possibly as pre-release events? Are there any plans at all for pre-release events? I assume you will have different MMR for competitive and casual play. Have you also considered seperate MMR for different factions, ala role queue? Split difference with 2-faction decks? Will grinding a ladder be the only competitive format or will there be brief, periodic open-entry tournaments?

If so what would the rewards look like? How long should we expect a competitive season to be, and will it be broken up in to sub-seasons like LoL? Coinciding with every expansion? Re: your draft questions - our draft mode will be our unique take on limited. If you're familiar with mtg limited, expeditions should feel like a bit of a hybrid between sealed and draft. So although you won't be drafting with a pod of players, we anticipate a pretty diverse meta of decks! If this turns out to not be the case, we have quite a few knobs to turn that can improve any under-performing archetypes.

I'm an engineer on the gameplay team. If you're confused on how a card works or how certain interactions in our game work, I can do my best to answer :. I have yet to see a streamer play the deck that haunts my dreams at night, so yeah, I'd agree with this. Shurima and Bilgerwater are missing. Does this mean we are getting more "factions", like Demacia and Noxus?

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Since they are so big in of themselfs, I also find it hard to believe they just wouldn't show up in the game. Will other mechanics such as viewing someones hand and discarding a card be added or ways to counter creatures entering the battlefield.

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Thanks for the question! We will definitely be adding more mechanics or as we call them Features. Being able to better look at your opponent's hand is something we're looking at especially as we get closer to mobile. And I promise we will fix the annoying flutter when you hover on one of your opponent's revealed cards!

I feel there is a lot of wasted potential design space by having the cards simply fill the board left to right adjacency bonuses, cards that interact with opposing minions directly across, etc instead of being allowed to position units as we see fit. Is that a design choice to allow for easier mobile gameplay or is there a philosophical reason behind this design choice? Hi Leaga!

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Hopefully, I'm understanding your question…let me know if I got it wrong…. Being able to place attackers in a particular position and rearrange them after placing is a feature that many of us on team are very excited for. It is on our project backlog and we've done some very early thinking of how to make it work for both PC and Mobile.

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In the meantime you can always use Scoop. It even pays attention to order you grab units! I thought it was simply always in played order. Silly me! We had keyboard shortcuts in the past, but had to remove them due to some nasty bugs. I am curious…What other keyboard shortcuts would you want? I'm wander, I'm an engineer on the gameplay team. I worked on a lot of things, but most importantly helped make the audio and the animations shine. I'm super big on card games. I'm also a really big fan of she who wanders and will attempt to stealth buff her every patch.

It will be an arms race for the history books. A poptart is not a sandwich. I put it the same category as a pizza pocket by which they both have fillings. To be a sandwich, it needs to fit snugly "aka sandwiched" between 2 or more pieces of bread. We are definitely looking into cosmetic content! The world of Runeterra is large and we'd love to bring that to you through not only cards, but personalization items as well to give you flexibility in how you want to express yourself.

To start, we will have Guardians and Boards. These will be coming in the Closed Beta next year edit: and will be available for purchase with Coins. We are actively exploring other features that we think would be cool, but we are always open to new ideas. If you have a great personalization idea that you want to see in LoR, we'd love to hear it!

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Do you plan to keep the tone of the game "serious" or for it to become a "parody" of the world of Runeterra. It's a weird question , but something that i hate in Hearthstone is that everything is so cartoonish and exagerated it all seems like a mockery of the Warcraft universe, meanwhile i really like the more Fantasy, serious, type of feeling, more like Magic the Gathering.

Our plans generally are to stay true to the tone of League, and specifically to the tone of the champions we recreate in LoR! So, for example, Braum's got a bunch of cute poros by his side, while Thresh is accompanied by some pretty awful and dark chaps. We don't want to steer the overall character of the game into something that's inconsistent with League, which is specifically why we bounce around a little to properly capture all the goof, macabre, patriotism, showmanship, and whatever else that already exists in our shared universe.

Before I asked my questions I wanted to say thanks to the team for making this, I've been blown away with how refreshing and fun the game has been. Do you have a roadmap in mind post-release for the game? What kind of content can we expect and will it be seasonal or permanent? Will the game offer a campain or some kind of adventures to explore Runeterra's lore? Thank you so much! We have an early roadmap up on our website, which covers the first two preview patches as well as early !

Will also include constructed, and everything currently available in this preview as well. Early next year, we'll be back with closed beta, which will include ranked and a new set of boards and guardians. This team has the most obscure collection of CCGs I've ever seen.

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I had no idea there were so many. Is there a "best way" that someone in the dev team enjoyed leveling the most? Fun story - pastrytime played so much on one of our early iterations that he went went past all the available levels and broke the system. This is a little late, but if we have access to the announcement preview patch will we retain that access come the expeditions preview patch? Loving the game so far and excited to see it grow!